A Children’s Garden

Abel was very excited.  Today was his first day of school.  He was 5 years old, and he was he was on his way to kindergarten.  Yesterday, Abel’s dad told him that the word Kindergarten was a German word that meant children’s garden.  Abel was so excited to spend a day in the garden.  He loved being outside!  He loved trees, sunshine, grass, flowers and even bugs!  Abel said goodbye to his dad, and walked into the school yard.  He saw lots of children playing, and went to make friends.  He met Benny and Ginger, Kyle and Betty, Tommy, Billy, Clare and David.  Wow, thought Abel, I love children’s garden!  After a while, the Miss Monroe, their teacher, rang a bell and all the kids lined up.  They went into a building, and walked by a lot of rooms.  They stopped at a door, and went in.  Inside, Abel saw tables, chairs and a blackboard.  Abel was sad.  He realized that he would have to spend the whole long day in this room.  Even though he had made friends, Abel loved outside more than anything, and he missed the trees, sunshine, grass, flowers and even the bugs!

That night, Abel had an idea and he asked his dad to help him.  The next day, he took a big plant to school, the day after that, he took some flowers in a pot, the day after that, he took a green shaggy carpet, and the day after that, he took his ant colony.  Every day Abel brought something to school that reminded him of the outdoors.  Soon, Benny and Ginger, Kyle and Betty, Tommy, Billy, Clare and David started bringing plants and flowers to class.  Mrs. Monroe joined the fun and hung pictures of bugs from the ceiling!

Very soon the class room looked like a beautiful garden.  Abel and his friends were very happy.

This story was told to me by Vance, who owns a pest control company and is loves gardening.  When he was a child, he was so distraught at having to stay inside a classroom, that his dad made arrangements with the teacher and fellow parents to create an indoor garden themed kindergarten classroom.  This tradition has been continued for over 30 years.

My Very Own Paw Patrol Rescue

Once there lived a little boy named Jake.  He had two older sisters Sammy and Nicki and a great dog named Spike.  Spike and Jake were the same age 7 years old.  They grew up together and were best friends.  Every school day, Spike would walk Jake to the school bus stop. Spike would then spend his day in the yard playing with his ball, rolling around in the dirt, napping in the sun and sometimes digging holes.    Saturday was Jake and Spike’s favorite day.  They would wake up really early, go to the living room and turn on cartoons.  Jake would make them each a bowl of cereal and down they sat, munching and watching their favorite show “Paw Patrol”.  Jake’s favorite character was Marshall, the Fire Pup.  One particularly cold Saturday just before Christmas, while they were watching their show, Jake and Spike heard aloud thump on the roof.  Before they could run out to investigate, there was a loud crash and right through the ceiling, appeared 2 big black boots.  Jake screamed and Spike barked.  Jake’s mom and dad came running.  Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door.  Jake’s dad barely had time to open the door when a Rescuer rushed in.  “Hi, my name is Ryder, I need to rescue our friend Marshall who is stuck in your roof” They went to the living room to look at the dangly legs.  ‘’Hold on Marshall, we’ll get you down in a minute” said Ryder.

It seems that fireman Marshall went up the roof to save Mrs. Granger’s cat Purdita.  The roof was old, and had a weak spot that needed some repair, a lot of roof repair by the looks of it.  Marshall unknowingly stepped on the spot, and through the roof he went.  Now he was stuck!   Rider tried to pull on the legs, no luck.  He radioed for help, and in a few minutes, a police siren was heard, and in came a police officer.  “Hello, I’m Officer Chase, how can I help?”  Jake and Spike looked at each other.  A fireman named Marshall, a rescuer named Ryder and now a police officer named Chase!  All they needed was a helicopter with Skye in it!  At that instant Officer Chase got on his radio.  “Dispatch, this is Officer Chase.  We need a helicopter.  We have a fireman stuck in a roof.  Please have Skye come over right away.”

“Wow! A real life Paw Patrol.” said Jake.  Suddenly Jake felt wet all over his face, he opened his eyes, and Spike was licking him.  Paw Patrol was just finishing on the TV.  “I guess I was dreaming” thought Jake as he rubbed his eyes.  Then Jake and Spike heard aloud thump on the roof.  Before they could run out to investigate, there was a loud crash and right through the ceiling, appeared 2 big black boots.  Jake screamed and Spike barked.  Jake’s mom came running.  “Rocky, are you OK?”  It looks like Jake’s dad Rocky was having some trouble putting up the Christmas lights on the roof.

Mermaid Nicki

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ellie.  She was 2 years old.  Ellie loved to go to visit her grandparents at the cottage.  She loved the forest, loved the beach, but she didn’t love the water very much.  Ellie was afraid.  She didn’t want to get wet and she didn’t want to swim.  Too cold, she would tell her mommy.  Me no like it.  One day, Ellie was at the beach, busy filling up buckets with sand, when she heard a beautiful sound coming from the water.  AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH, what a beautiful song!  Ellie looked out into the sparkly water and saw a beautiful lady with long golden hair, swimming in the water, singing a beautiful song.   As she dived in the water, Ellie saw that the lady had a sparkly fishy tale!  A Mermaid, shouted Ellie.

Hi, waved Ellie.  The beautiful mermaid waved too and began swimming closer to the shore.  Mermaid Nicki was her name, and she asked Ellie if she and her mommy wanted to come swimming.   Ellie wasn’t sure.  She looked at the water, looked at her life jacket, looked at her mommy then looked at the beautiful Mermaid Nicki who was singing her beautiful song AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH, looked at her sparkly fishy tail and made a decision.  “Yes”, said Ellie.  “Ellie wants to swim with Mermaid Nicki and Mommy!”

On went her life jacket, and into the water Ellie and her Mommy went.  Splish, Splash, oh what fun they had!  All afternoon they played and sang that beautiful song, AHHH, AHHH, AHHH, AHHHHH.  All too soon, it was time for Mermaid Nicki to go back to her home.  She said goodbye and promised to come back tomorrow.  Ellie gave her a big hug.  “See you tomorrow, Mermaid Nicki”.

The Little Blue Puppy

Once there was a little girl named Ellie.  Ellie was 4 years old.  Every day Ellie’s mommy took her to the park.  Ellie loved the park.  She would swing for a while, and then go to the jungle gym and climb ladders, ropes and to get down; she would always use the biggest slide!  Ellie loved to slide!

On a particularly beautiful fall day, Ellie was enjoying the slide when she heard a strange sound.  Oww, Oww, Oww was the whimpering sound, and it came from behind the slide.  Ellie quickly went to investigate and you know what she found?  The tiniest, cutest and cuddliest puppy.  Not only was it the tiniest, cutest, and cuddliest puppy, but it was also all blue!  Not light blue, not dark blue, but a just right blue.  The tiny blue puppy was all alone and crying.  Ellie picked it up and gave it a cuddle.  She and her mommy looked around and couldn’t find anyone else at the park.  Not a human, nor another doggy.  It looks like this was a lost puppy.

Ellie and her mommy decided to take the puppy home and try to find its family.  Mommy helped Ellie take a picture of the little blue puppy, and together they made signs for Lost Blue Puppy and posted them all over town.

In the meantime, Ellie and the blue puppy became great friends.  They napped together, ate together and played together.  Ellie even named the blue puppy.  Can you guess what Ellie named the little blue puppy?  You’re right!  Ellie named the puppy Blue!

One day, while Ellie and Blue were eating breakfast, Ellie heard a strange sound outside.  YOWWWWW, YOWWWWWWW, was the howling, and it was getting louder and louder.  Blue rushed to the window, and before Ellie could get there, he rushed to the door and began whimpering.  Oww, Oww, Oww.  Ellie and her mommy went to the door.  Ellie’s mom looked through the peep hole, and smiled.  She opened the door and right before their very eyes was a very, very, very big blue doggie!  Not a light blue, not a dark blue, but just a right blue.  It was Blue’s mommy!

Just for a second, Ellie was sad, but only for a second.  She was very happy that Blue found his mummy.  Ellie knew how sad she would be if she lost her mummy and how happy she would be to find her.  Blue ran up to his mummy where he immediately began to receive tons of licks!  Both doggies were so happy!  Ellie and her mommy looked around and couldn’t find anyone else on the street.  Not a human, nor another doggy.  It looks like this was a lost puppy and its mummy!

Just like before, Ellie and her mommy took pictures, made signs and posted them all over town.

…….In the meantime, Ellie, Blue and Mama Blue, yes, that’s her new name, became best friends.  They napped together, ate together and played together!